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Pink Ribbon Promotion: Supporters’ Role to endorse TBCS

Pink Ribbon Promotion: Supporters’ Role to endorse TBCS

Breast Cancer has proven to be a menace among women of all ages. A recent study has shown that there are almost 250,000 reported cases of breast cancer in the United States annually. Charities and support groups have accomplished a brilliant job in educating the masses about this disease, yet the number of breast cancer is increasing daily. Due to the increase in number of breast cancer victims there has been a steady growth in support groups and cancer rehabilitation centers over the last decade.

Unfortunately, not all charity organizations have set serving humanity as their primary objective. Since there are no strict checks and balances over charity organizations or institutions that provide health care services (such as cancer rehabilitation centers) many minds have been corrupted by the greed of money. Many charity organizations have been discredited because of fraudulent work, a couple of which are Breast Cancer Charities of America, Children with Hair Loss, the Cancer Fund of America and Children's Cancer Fund of America.

These fraudulent organizations use funds set for cancer victims for personal gain and benefits. For instance, these organizations collect money, raise funds with the assistance of other well-reputed organizations and lure investors through fund raisers in order to fill up their reserves. On the outside, it appears as if all the funds are being utilized solely for the benefit of cancer victims, but in reality the money is being put into scams.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to do some self-research before putting faith into charity organization. The Breast Cancer Society, aka TBCS, is one of the few cancer rehabilitation organizations that have managed to keep a clean record of all their work. TBCS has gained worldwide recognition for their devotion towards humanity, research and financial assistance for cancer victims.

James T Reynolds II, CEO, brought The Breast Cancer Society into life with the sole purpose of helping cancer victims get a better life. TBCS is an officially registered non-profit organization that has gained a lot of fame for helping cancer victims get back on their feet over the past couple of year. A quick glance at TBCS’ official website will show the amazing achievements and wonderful work TBCS has accomplished globally.

The Breast Cancer Society has its headquarters based in Mesa, Arizona, but their work is well-known across the globe. Perhaps, the most impressive feature of TBCS is their dynamic society, which comprises of supporters and volunteers that tirelessly assist in rebuilding the lives of cancer victims. The volunteers at TBCS have taken up a variety of roles in helping cancer victims. These roles range from taking care of cancer victims to help raise funds for their care.

Through the funds and help of supporters, TBCS is running a variety of different programs such as Empower Scholarship Fund, Hope Supply Program, Hope Scholarship Fund, International Medical Aid, In Home Care Program, Temporary Cash Assistance and many more. The Breast Cancer Society is more than just a Pink Ribbon promotion. It is an organization that not only helps breast cancer victims, but has successfully created a community with a philanthropic mindset aiming to help those in need with the best possible resources at all times.

Fraudulent Charity Organizations

Fraudulent Charity Organizations

Nongovernmental organizations and charity organizations are viewed by increasingly large number of people as a scam. The credit for these organizations being labelled as a scam goes to the hard work done by the few organizations; which took healthcare sector, cancer societies, and drug rehabilitation as money making opportunities. These fraudulent organizations have given a bad name to a lot of people doing good work.

Just like drug rehabilitation, breast cancer societies, have been targeted by profiteers and fraudsters, who have invented cunning ways to swindle people out of their money. The breast cancer industry also known as the pink parade is a six billion dollar industry and every year even more money is poured in. Charities and other philanthropic organizations conduct vast fund raising and so called awareness campaigns. Though, do you know what they are really doing in these activities? Or do you know the allocation and utilization of the funds collected? It is impossible to monitor and check every charity but you can still research and donate to the right one. 

As per there drivers, these breast cancer organizations  have educational programs about breast cancer, in which after creating the so called awareness about the disease and the plight of the patient, donors are asked to come forward and help the charities in their cause for finding a cure. It all seems for a good cause. Everyone donates, once caught with the pink fever.

However no cure is insight, not at least for the foreseeable future. We are the same place as we were a decade ago. So when asked about the utilization of the money, these organizations will do everything to divert attention from the topic. Why? Because most of the money goes in to paying the staff and the largest checks go into the banks of the board of directors. Many organizations raise funds by either selling their own merchandise or by collaborating with brands. The brands and companies supporting the pink parade, often claim to donate a certain percentage, from the sale of a certain product. However if you read the fine print, you will find out that the donations have a cap.  And most of these brands jump the pink ribbon bandwagon to increase their sales

Not all the so called charities are so bad, some have good intentions. Just that their efforts are misplaced. For instance some charities even though are trying to help, end up contributing in a useless way.  Then there are those who are making genuine and sincere efforts. Some organizations have taken the charge in the fight against breast cancer. 

These charities run effective and transparent operations. Their authenticity and credibility can be verified by watch dogs and reviews. Most of the reputable charities are often accredited institutionally and refrain from working with health care providers and research institutes which are shady. It is imperative that you do your homework before donating. So that your money is spent in the right way and not squandered.