Monday, 2 March 2015

Learn How To Crochet This Pink Ribbon Scarf!

You are among the people who have decided to show their support for the efforts in fighting breast cancer. One of the methods you have decided to adopt is the use of the pink ribbon scarf. You therefore want to either crotchet one for yourself to be putting on as an awareness strategy or to crotchet many either for sale or to distribute to others for a more solid awareness strategy. This document will help you know how to crotchet the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon.

But even before you start crocheting; it’s worth knowing some few things about the pink ribbon scarf. This scarf’s is designed to offer more than just the warmth you get from it. Working out on this crocheted scarf will show an act of prayer, support as well as love to all those wearing it.  This prayer ribbon was designed to act as a mimic of the breast cancer awareness ribbon that’s symbolic. It measures approximately 64” long and 14” wide. Wearing this scarf shows support and it’s therefore worth either putting it on or giving it to someone who is in need of that little extra TLC.
You need;
  • Crotchets hook that measure 8mm or 5mm for obtaining gauge.
  • yarn needleCarom simply soft that’s 170g /6. Oz: 288 m/315 yards. The main color is soft pink (9719)- three skeins
Learning to crotchet this scarf is not so difficult. The most important thing is that you familiarize yourself with some small sets of common stitches. To start the scarf project will be easy if you have already learned to do some of these stitches.  Learn how to make single crotchet, chains and double crotchets and you are in the right track. Try these stitches as you pay keen attention on consistency in the size of these three till you feel comfortable to go. Never give up simply because it was not coming right at the beginning since crocheting is something that requires time for practice.

No sooner will you have felt comfortable to go about the three types of stitches than you will be ready to start the pink ribbon scarf project or any other project. Other than just the scarf, you will be able to make hats, blankets, pullovers among others and sell them through breast cancer shops.

Learning to crotchet the breast awareness scarf will enable you to not only show love to others but you can also earn an income thereafter. As you will be crocheting the scarves to donate to others, you will gain experience on how to crotchet other types of attire for sale. You will make children’s pullovers, blankets and other clothes for sale to earn an income. It’s therefore a very worthy venture for you.

Take Active Participation in Breast Cancer Awareness and fight it

Breast cancer awareness month is in October and it relates to a worldwide celebration month.Breast cancer is one of the key reasons causing death after the lung and colon cancer, and it is certainly alarming.During this month general information is given about breast cancer aiming to create awareness about this dreaded disease.

There are lots of ways now to create awareness about breast cancer and this includes joining and making contributions. This is the reason that breast cancer awareness month is being celebrated. This is not for the bereaved alone, but it is a celebration of life. It is for all the people diagnosed and fighting the battle, the survivors, and also their loved ones. Getting involved in this by making contributions means we can surely save lives and make a difference.

Spreading word
You can participate even by spreading the word and commemorating it as an event. You can share stories of faith, struggle and hope from survivors. Your participation by spreading words is a big way of contributing. This can include cancer prevention tips, breast cancer alternative treatments and also free breast examination referred to as mammogram. Spreading the word can also be done by writing and submitting articles, information via blogging, sharing and posting on social network sites in association with other mediums such as television, publications, pamphlets and radio.

Joining events
 There are many events that can benefit the beneficiaries. You will find popular events such as walking, running and races and these events can be fundraising to the benefit of cancer victims. You can also organize some forums, fashion shows and concerts to raise funds and contribute the same for cancer patients and survivors. This will be of immense help a financial assistance.

Purchasing Products
There are small time entrepreneurs to huge corporations helping various events and they donate to charitable organization, breast cancer treatment and also to the cancer research centers. Their products include simple pins, cakes, watches, t-shirts to automobiles. You may help by purchasing the products and extending your support through displaying, wearing and patronizing such products.

Other Services
Seeking donation or donating any amount to the foundation or even collecting donation from your family members, officemates, friends, neighbors and organizational mates is helpful to create more breast cancer awareness. You may also visit the diagnosed patients, give them hope, make them happy, show your love and make them feel wanted. The patients must be allowed to recognize that there are people who care for them and there is treatment available. The awareness of breast cancer is celebrated every October, it is not a mere celebration, but it is a way of teaching people about fighting the disease.

Friday, 3 October 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - How Can You Help the Cause?

Current estimates are that one of every eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer at some point within their lifetimes. The good news in all of this is that more and more of these women are surviving.
This is thanks, in larger part, to the efforts of people, just like you, who work hard to help raise awareness, raise money, and donate time, care, and attention to the cause. You may be wondering what you can do to help the cause during this month when the spotlight is shining brightly on the need for more from everyone when it comes to breast cancer. These are a few great ideas to consider.

Donate Money to Breast Cancer Charities
There are many national charities dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. They all have an important role to play and get a large portion of donated dollars. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much to the women (wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends, and teachers) who are living with breast cancer today.
During this month when even professional athletes are showing their pink, consider looking for breast cancer societies that celebrate the women who have breast cancer. Breast cancer organizations that laugh with them, cry with them, and give them the support they need to get through the day to day challenges of life with cancer and in treatment.

Talk about Breast Cancer with Your Female Friends
Don’t save it for your friends. Have the uncomfortable conversation with your mother, grandmother, and even your girlfriends when you’re out on the town. All this pink in the air is the perfect reason to bring it up and remind the girls of their need to practice routine inspections and checks to make sure they’re in the clear.
Early detection not only saves lives, but in some instances it can help women avoid the pain and trauma of a mastectomy. Encourage routine checks and set the example by sharing your own experience. Some may feel like this is too much information, but the bottom line is that it saves lives.

Participate in Runs, Walks, and Races for the Cure
Communities large and small offer opportunities to raise funds and awareness with walks and runs. You can choose to participate in memory of someone lost to breast cancer, in celebration of someone who has survived this disease, or in solidarity as a woman today who remains at risk of someday developing this dreaded disease.
Walks and runs are a great way for breast cancer charities like the Breast Cancer Society to raise funds for the activities they do to help women with breast cancer today and tomorrow. It’s an opportunity for you to really give in a way that’s fun and not at all painful. More importantly, you’re standing strong with so many other women, from all walks of life, who all share one goal – stamping out breast cancer once and for all.

No matter how you decide to help the cause, getting out there and participating in the conversation about breast cancer is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself as a woman or as a man who is fortunate enough to love some really special women.

Friday, 11 October 2013

How Much Should You Give to Charity?

How Much Should You Give to Charity?

Everyone must work out in their own hearts and minds the amount of money that's appropriate for them to give to charity. Some people feel that charity is something akin to religious tithes and that 10 percent of their incomes is the appropriate amount. Other people feel that it's completely discretionary.

Another small minority of people believe that once their needs are attended to, whatever is left should go to charity. The bottom line is that there is no rock-solid right or wrong answer for how much you should give. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind when deciding how much you feel is an appropriate gift, like the ones mentioned below.

How much can You Afford to Give to Charity?

It's important to take care of your own needs as well as the needs of your family before making gifts to charity. It's true that people with fewer means must often sacrifice more to give to charity. And yet, they are the ones who often give more spending, on average, 4.5 percent of their income on giving while middle class families give 2.5 percent of their incomes on average to charity and high-income families give three percent of their incomes.

You must choose how much you can afford to give and give accordingly. Whether it's a low number or a high number. The key is that you're giving and others may benefit from your gifts.

How much are You Comfortable Giving to Charity?

Comfort plays a large role in how much you're willing to give to charity. The more comfortable you are with the organization you're giving too, the better you'll feel about the gift you're giving. That's why it's a good idea to volunteer with the charity group or organization you're considering offering your money to. When you see how the dollars are spent, the people they help, it makes it much easier to give with a glad hard and a comforted mind.

On the other side of that coin, if you have concerns, volunteering and working with your "boots on the ground" will help you either confirm or allay your concerns so you can move on and either volunteer your time and expertise in an expanded role or volunteer your money so that it can do the most possible good.

How much Money do You Want to Give?

Desire plays a critical role in your giving. Whether your desire is impacted by the specific charity, the cause the charity supports, or a simple desire to help people experience a specific set of troubles, such as women who have been diagnosed and are being treated for breast cancer, it's a good idea to know how much money, time, or care you want to devote to the cause at hand.

Charitable organizations, such as the Breast Cancer Society, rely on donations from people like you in order to accomplish their missions. Get to know the people who make the organization work, who benefit from the gifts of the organization, and who have a vest interest in making the organization a real success for the sake of everyone that needs the services it provides. Then decide how much is an appropriate amount for you to give.

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Breast Cancer Society - How to Get More from Your Giving

The Breast Cancer Society - How to Get More from Your Giving

Giving is a very personal thing. Most people give their time and money to organizations because they feel it's the right thing to do. Some people have one pet organization they prefer to share their gifts with while others spread their gifts across many different organizations preferring to help a wider range of groups, people, and causes. Neither option is right or wrong as long as you're getting something back from the gifts you give. However, no matter how much you are receiving in exchange for the gifts you give pet causes and organizations, there are things you can do that will provide a greater personal return on investment if you keep them in mind whenever you give to causes you deem worthy.

Give the Gift of Your Time
Money is an excellent gift. There's no denying that. There are so many different ways the organizations, such as the Breast Cancer Society, you give the money to can put that money to use. However, the gift of your time is equally valuable to organizations where the need is great and there never seems to be enough people to meet the endless list of needs. You have unique skills and talents to bring to the table. Your time can be invaluable in multiplying the gifts other people have provided.

Host Events for the Breast Cancer Society
Believe it or not, hosting events for this worthy cause is incredibly rewarding. It's true that there's a lot of hard work involved. But, there is a great deal of pleasure to gain from the experience as well. It is a lot of work and it will tax your creative energy. On the other side of the coin, however, is the fact that you'll get to meet the people you want to help most. You'll also get to interact with other people who are dedicated to the cause of, not only eradicating breast cancer once and for all, but also of providing real, meaningful help to women who are living with breast cancer today.

Brainstorm Fundraising Ideas
People who have been planning and executing fundraising events for a long time often reach a point where brainstorming new and exciting fundraising ideas gets difficult. The need for funds is great. It's also never-ending -- at least not as long as there are still women in the world who are struggling to live through breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. In order to keep funds flowing into the important work the Breast Cancer Society does, it is necessary to host a steady stream of fundraising activities and events throughout the year. Each one needs to have a theme behind it in order to attract larger audiences and raise more funds. People with ideas are always welcome, as are people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and make those ideas reality.

There's no absolute right or wrong way to give, just as there is no one organization that is worthier than all other organizations. The ideas above, though, will help you maximize your personal return on the gives you give to the Breast Cancer Society or any other charitable organization that's near and dear to your heart.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Breast Cancer Society – Championing the Cancer Drives

The Breast Cancer Society – Championing the Cancer Drives

Breast cancer is one of the most rapidly spreading cancers among women, taking many lives every year. Most of the time, the precious lives are lost either due to lack of awareness, the lack of resources or the right kind of help.

Be wary of gold diggers

Even with so many so called organizations out there, that claim to help the breast cancer effected women, by providing them free treatment through fund raising or donations are only giving false hopes, making false promises and are nothing more than a sham. These hawks are only putting up a fa├žade of being a charity and are busy finding imaginative ways to turn the cancer drives into money making scheme. You can find a nonprofit organization working just around the corner for breast cancer awareness or rehabilitation, but you would seldom hear their success stories, actual women who were suffering from cancer and got the right help. It is only because they are running a scam on the basis of creating awareness about breast cancer.

The TBCS Proposition

The breast cancer society helps you find the right kind of people to help you get through the tough ordeal and it helps you in your fight against cancer. Without having to worry about the authenticity and validity of the organization, you can seek the right guidance at the breast cancer society. You can visit the breast cancer society and find out about all the amazing work that has been done with the help of the people at the society, or meet the people yourself to be satisfied about the kind of services and help the breast cancer society has provided them, in form of helping them raise funds for their treatment, or helping them find the right hospitals for their treatment. It is transparent all the way with a wide spread of success stories from the breast cancer society.

There is more to it!

The breast cancer society provides you the kind of help you are looking for. Instead of the long term plans and packages that most of the other societies boast of, the breast cancer society helps you find the immediate help that you need in the form of a friend or in the form of resources that you need. TBCS manages resources in the form of financial assistance in your treatment, solves your medication or any other problem related to your disease.

You can not only seek help through the breast cancer society, but also provide the help someone else might need, without having to worry about the fact that your contribution may go to waste due to the fear of so many scammers out there, who take donations from you, but do not use them where you would like them to be used. The breast cancer society makes it sure that you can keep track of your donations or sees that your donations rationalize into much valuable help for the women in need of it.

Be free of the worries of being alone or not being able to help in making a difference, through the breast cancer society, you can do both, and much more.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pink Ribbon Promotion: Supporters’ Role to endorse TBCS

Pink Ribbon Promotion: Supporters’ Role to endorse TBCS

Breast Cancer has proven to be a menace among women of all ages. A recent study has shown that there are almost 250,000 reported cases of breast cancer in the United States annually. Charities and support groups have accomplished a brilliant job in educating the masses about this disease, yet the number of breast cancer is increasing daily. Due to the increase in number of breast cancer victims there has been a steady growth in support groups and cancer rehabilitation centers over the last decade.

Unfortunately, not all charity organizations have set serving humanity as their primary objective. Since there are no strict checks and balances over charity organizations or institutions that provide health care services (such as cancer rehabilitation centers) many minds have been corrupted by the greed of money. Many charity organizations have been discredited because of fraudulent work, a couple of which are Breast Cancer Charities of America, Children with Hair Loss, the Cancer Fund of America and Children's Cancer Fund of America.

These fraudulent organizations use funds set for cancer victims for personal gain and benefits. For instance, these organizations collect money, raise funds with the assistance of other well-reputed organizations and lure investors through fund raisers in order to fill up their reserves. On the outside, it appears as if all the funds are being utilized solely for the benefit of cancer victims, but in reality the money is being put into scams.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to do some self-research before putting faith into charity organization. The Breast Cancer Society, aka TBCS, is one of the few cancer rehabilitation organizations that have managed to keep a clean record of all their work. TBCS has gained worldwide recognition for their devotion towards humanity, research and financial assistance for cancer victims.

James T Reynolds II, CEO, brought The Breast Cancer Society into life with the sole purpose of helping cancer victims get a better life. TBCS is an officially registered non-profit organization that has gained a lot of fame for helping cancer victims get back on their feet over the past couple of year. A quick glance at TBCS’ official website will show the amazing achievements and wonderful work TBCS has accomplished globally.

The Breast Cancer Society has its headquarters based in Mesa, Arizona, but their work is well-known across the globe. Perhaps, the most impressive feature of TBCS is their dynamic society, which comprises of supporters and volunteers that tirelessly assist in rebuilding the lives of cancer victims. The volunteers at TBCS have taken up a variety of roles in helping cancer victims. These roles range from taking care of cancer victims to help raise funds for their care.

Through the funds and help of supporters, TBCS is running a variety of different programs such as Empower Scholarship Fund, Hope Supply Program, Hope Scholarship Fund, International Medical Aid, In Home Care Program, Temporary Cash Assistance and many more. The Breast Cancer Society is more than just a Pink Ribbon promotion. It is an organization that not only helps breast cancer victims, but has successfully created a community with a philanthropic mindset aiming to help those in need with the best possible resources at all times.