Monday, 2 March 2015

Take Active Participation in Breast Cancer Awareness and fight it

Breast cancer awareness month is in October and it relates to a worldwide celebration month.Breast cancer is one of the key reasons causing death after the lung and colon cancer, and it is certainly alarming.During this month general information is given about breast cancer aiming to create awareness about this dreaded disease.

There are lots of ways now to create awareness about breast cancer and this includes joining and making contributions. This is the reason that breast cancer awareness month is being celebrated. This is not for the bereaved alone, but it is a celebration of life. It is for all the people diagnosed and fighting the battle, the survivors, and also their loved ones. Getting involved in this by making contributions means we can surely save lives and make a difference.

Spreading word
You can participate even by spreading the word and commemorating it as an event. You can share stories of faith, struggle and hope from survivors. Your participation by spreading words is a big way of contributing. This can include cancer prevention tips, breast cancer alternative treatments and also free breast examination referred to as mammogram. Spreading the word can also be done by writing and submitting articles, information via blogging, sharing and posting on social network sites in association with other mediums such as television, publications, pamphlets and radio.

Joining events
 There are many events that can benefit the beneficiaries. You will find popular events such as walking, running and races and these events can be fundraising to the benefit of cancer victims. You can also organize some forums, fashion shows and concerts to raise funds and contribute the same for cancer patients and survivors. This will be of immense help a financial assistance.

Purchasing Products
There are small time entrepreneurs to huge corporations helping various events and they donate to charitable organization, breast cancer treatment and also to the cancer research centers. Their products include simple pins, cakes, watches, t-shirts to automobiles. You may help by purchasing the products and extending your support through displaying, wearing and patronizing such products.

Other Services
Seeking donation or donating any amount to the foundation or even collecting donation from your family members, officemates, friends, neighbors and organizational mates is helpful to create more breast cancer awareness. You may also visit the diagnosed patients, give them hope, make them happy, show your love and make them feel wanted. The patients must be allowed to recognize that there are people who care for them and there is treatment available. The awareness of breast cancer is celebrated every October, it is not a mere celebration, but it is a way of teaching people about fighting the disease.

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