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Probability of cancer cure

Cancer Cure

Cancer is a disease with many complications and ambiguities so cancer cure is definitely much more intricate and sensitive. The possibility of cancer cure is not very bright till now as still there is a need for extensive research in this field. Some of the most effective cancer cures include targeted cancer cure, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Bone marrow transplantation is very effective after any kind of radiation therapy. Radiotherapy helps in breaking down the DNA molecule of the tumor cells and after their disintegration tumor cells fail to multiply. Bone marrow transplantation helps patients to enhance the blood cells formation without which it is impossible for the patient to survive.  

Probability of cancer cure

Cancer is a disease in which the cure in not guaranteed. There are different stages of cancer on the basis of which it can be identified that whether the patient can be cured or not. Still doctors cannot assure the guaranteed cure of any patient as there are many side effects of different cancer cure therapies. Still medical science is not successful in finding a guaranteed cancer cure. 


Radiation therapy is proved to be very effective for cancer cure. The basic function of this radiation in radio therapy is to kill the tumor cells with the help of destroying their DNA. DNA is a part of cells with which future division’s takes place and if in case these DNA molecules are successfully destroyed then the tumor cells will not be able to multiply. The treatment of patient with radiotherapy depends upon the condition of patient. Sometimes radiotherapy along with chemotherapy is used to kill the tumor tissues.

Targeted cancer cure

Targeted cancer cure include the use of medication which can help in blocking the growth of tumor cells in the body. These treatments are known as targeted treatments because scientists call these tumor cells as target cells. To kill these target cells a targeted treatment is very important. These drugs also inhibit the cell growth so that the cancerous cells can’t replicate. The success rate of these therapies actually depends upon the accurate identification of these target cells. If a scientist can successfully identify these target points then the treatment is much more effective than radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Bone marrow transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation is very important for the proper cancer cure. After chemotherapy most of the bone marrow cells or peripheral blood stem cells disintegrate. For their proper normal growth it is obligatory to transplant bone marrow of patients. Bone marrow cells are actually immature cells present inside the bones and they are also known as blood forming cells.

Cancer cure is usually done with the help of different techniques according to the condition of patient. Different radiation therapies prove to be very effective for the treatment of disease. These radiation therapies have some side effect and due to these affect patients usually fear to go for these treatments. In contrast with these therapies the targeted therapies for patients are much more effective. 

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